Trio Towel Set

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Whats it made of?

Made with 100% Indian organic cotton completely free from any harmful toxic chemicals and softeners. The cotton is picked and processed to meet all Global Organic Textile Standards. Woven into a plush absorbent terry cloth. 

Why was it made?

We believe living with organic products promotes a healthier lifestyle.  After a good shower or bath you should only be drying yourself with the purest towels. Promoting durable sustainable Eco-friendly products to every home for a healthier lifestyle is our mission.

How it helps you?

After a nice shower the last thing you want to do it dry yourself with a towel that has been chemically processed. Imagine what that does to your pores. They are a perfect addition to your healthy home.


Set of three towels 13"x12", 15"x28", 27"x57"