Side to Back Special Contour Pillow

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Whats it made of?

Our Premium Contour Latex pillows are manufactured using the purest latex, covered with a removable organic cotton cover. The liquid latex derives from  Eco-harvested latex trees. These rubber trees, also known as Para or Hevea brasiliensis, are naturally grown in Sri Lanka.  This pillow is made naturally without the use of toxic chemicals, fillers,  or synthetic latex. 

Why was it made?

Do you toss and turn through out the night? Is your pillow comfortable while your on your back but not when you switch to the side? This unique contour shape cradles the neck perfectly to offer superior support for both back and side sleeping position. The additional support on the ends is perfect for when you toss to the side at night. While its center support gives you the needed comfort while sleeping on your back.

How it can help you?

The contour shape allows for ideal neck and back support making it easy to sleep through the entire night even if you toss and turn. This pillow will give you the needed support if you decide to lay on your back or either side. You can alternate loft on pillows as it can be flipped to low contour or high contour side.


 60" and 16"

Side loft     5" and 4"            Center loft     4" and 3"