Shredded Latex Pillow

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  • 100% Organic Latex
  • GOLS Certified
  • Hypo allergenic and anti-microbial
  • Perfect for all sleepers
  • Head and Neck Support
  • Organic cotton cover

Crafted with GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified latex covered in our 100% Organic Cotton cover. The micro cushion filling conforms to the head and neck shape providing supportive comfort. Its has ultra plush softness compared to our traditional latex pillows.Its ability to adjust makes this an ideal pillow for every type of sleeper, back, side, or stomach! Made with out the use of harsh chemicals and off gassing to meet the GOLS certification standard requirements.


Standard 16" x 24"            Queen 16" x 31"                King 16" x 36" 

Product Reviews

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Jose Cannon | Verified Buyer
My mom has been looking
Dec 9th 2017

My mom has been looking for the same kind of pillow for years. She was so happy that we found it.

Jaiden Mckenzie | Verified Buyer
Great Pillow
Nov 23rd 2017

Great Pillow, above average in comfort. My personal problem is possible Allergy to latex.

Joy Ramos | Verified Buyer
Love it
Oct 9th 2017

Love this pillow. Have tried many and this is the one that gives us a good nights rest w/o headaches.

Pranav Bowers | Verified Buyer
Top Notch
May 15th 2017

excellent pillow I love it. For me this is a top notch quality product. 

Uriel Gregory | Verified Buyer
Soft pillow
Apr 18th 2017

Love the pillow! Box arrived crushed on one end. Good thing there was a soft pillow inside. 

Simeon Daniel | Verified Buyer
Mar 8th 2017

Excellent quality, very comfy. Lots of filling inside the pillow. Had to take about half of it out for the pillow not to be so bulky which was kind of fun to make it exactly the way I liked.

Rene Brown | Verified Buyer
5 stars
Feb 22nd 2017

Best pillow ever, comfortable but molds to your head. Totally can breath although I am a side sleeper. LOVE this pillow and I have spent hundreds on other pillows.

Andrea Bautista | Verified Buyer
Feb 3rd 2017

Very nice pillow

Andrea Bautista | Verified Buyer
Feb 2nd 2017

Very nice pillow 

D. Shuey | Verified Buyer
Great support and perfect nights sleep
Dec 2nd 2016

I'm laying on the pillow as I write this. It was great right out of the box for a wonderful night sleep. It's definitely a high loft which makes it great for reading and watching TV if that's your thing. Being shredded vs solid (all my other latex pillows) makes it much more versatile without sacrifice any of the support. I labored over buying this pillow for a long term while researching others but always came back to this one. I made the right choice. Loving it after day one!

kelley | Verified Buyer
The pillows have a nice hefty feel to them
Jul 13th 2016

The pillows have not gone flat after 18 months and that was what I wanted. The pillows have a nice hefty feel to them. Not like the cheap ones everyone else sells. Swing one of these bad boys in a pillow fight and you'll knock the person down

Michael | Verified Buyer
Very nice very nice...
Jun 10th 2015

Very nice and very good quality pillow. Can tell its very good by how heavy this sucker is! Seems like it will last a long time. Thanks Organictextiles!

Saleen | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
May 28th 2015

Best pillow I have ever owned. Totally eliminated my upper back problems.

David Smallwood | Verified Buyer
Apr 22nd 2015

Love my pillow!!!

Thu | Verified Buyer
Mar 29th 2015

Very fluffy and never goes flat. I gave it 4 stars, because I had to open it on one end, remove some of the shredded latex inside, then sew it closed again. The pile was too high for me. But the large men in my family LOVE their micro cushion comfort latex pillows. Now that I've removed some of the padding from mine, it's great. Be careful if you remove some of the padding - it's a messy process.

B. Jean | Verified Buyer
Mar 25th 2015

I LOVE this pillow as far as comfort goes! I bought a brand new bamboo memory foam one & this one to compare! Love this one 100 times more. It molds to you & you can move it around to remold any way. I'm returning the memory foam mainly bc of the toxins/chemicals but also bc of comfort!

Samantha | Verified Buyer
Nice pillow
Mar 12th 2015

Pillows are hard to shop for, everyone is different. This pillow is the best one I have ever owned. I bought one and liked it so much that I bought 2 more. The pillow does have an odor at first. I gave it a couple days to air out after that I put it in a pillow case and stuck a dryer sheet on either side pillow inside of the pillow case and let it set for another day or so. This worked like a charm to take care of the odor.

Michele | Verified Buyer
Neck Feels Better!
Jan 9th 2015

My husband complains about a stiff neck in the morning (58). I empathize telling him, "Your lucky to be alive." Still...he slept on our sons tempepedic pillow and loved it. We bought this one for him for Christmas as it was a little less expensive than the tempepedic. He likes it and says his neck feels better in the morning. He says it is best to prop the shoulders neck and head.

NEZ | Verified Buyer
Nov 30th 2014


Patrick | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Nov 13th 2014

Thick pillow and heavy. Works well but not as compact able as I thought it would be.

Travis Hartshorn | Verified Buyer
Four Stars
Sep 6th 2014

Very good and comfertable

Inblu | Verified Buyer
great pillow
Jun 13th 2014

This pillow is dense enough that my neck is fully supported at a natural level as well as being soft and comfortable.

Jeanette M. Viggiani | Verified Buyer
comfort latex pillow
Apr 22nd 2014

Product came quickly, and in very good condition. Pillows are comfortable but I find the solid latex pillows more comfortable for my neck.

Armani | Verified Buyer
Love this pillow!
Jan 3rd 2014

I live this pillow! I have slept on tempur pedic pillows for 14 years, and then started getting neck headaches so this was my second attempt and I love it, supportive and comfy, also it's natural!