Organic Latex Mattress Toppers

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  • 2" Organic Latex topper
  • Made without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Pin core design for superior airflow 
  • Pressure point relief system
  • Anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant and anti-fungal 
  • Optional snug fit covers

This 2" organic latex topper is made of liquid latex from rubber trees. These rubber trees, also known as Para or Hevea brasiliensis, are naturally grown in Sri Lanka, to meet all the Global Organic Latex Standard Certifications. Its high level of organic purity ensures no chemicals are added to the topper, providing you with long term health benefits. The latex conforms just enough to give your body the support it needs through out the night. This helps with relieving back pain and adjusting spine and posture. Its heat sensitivity, static free surface, allows for a splendid nights sleep. It benefits include being pure, anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-fungal and very durable.


Twin 38" x 75"        Twin XL 38" x 80"      Full 53" x 75"    

Queen 60" x 80"       King 76" x 80"             Cal King 72" x 84"

Product Reviews

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Jade Lam | Verified Buyer
Dec 15th 2017

I am disappointed that this topper is so firm. It doesn't feel like medium firm to me. Also, I thought the cover was 100% cotton.

Thaddeus Warner | Verified Buyer
May 10th 2017

Timely arrival and well-packed. 

Kinsley French | Verified Buyer
Apr 10th 2017

After sleeping on the pad for several night, my wife felt that a firm pad would be better. We requested a return and was approved not questions ask. We have ordered a firm pad. Should be here in not time. The only thing is that there will be shipping deducted from my refund.

Jeremiah Hurst | Verified Buyer
Feb 28th 2017

Items are perfect and arrived within the time frame. Very happy!

Dennis Hansen | Verified Buyer
peace of mind
Feb 10th 2017

I bought one for my daughters new bed and I was so happy with it that I bought one for my bed the following day. Great quality and peace of mind.

Emerson | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Sep 9th 2016

just what we wanted

Dawgfan | Verified Buyer
I'm amazed at what a difference this thin little mattress topper ...
Aug 28th 2016

I'm amazed at what a difference this thin little mattress topper has made. When I unpacked it, I was dubious. It didn't appear to be the 2 inches advertised, and I geared myself up for the inevitable disappointment. Still, I thought I'd give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised! Wow! What a difference it made on my bed!! I really DID feel as if I were floating when I laid on the bed! I'd like to have a bed made entirely of this material! :D

Dyea | Verified Buyer
Good, firmer than expected
Apr 11th 2016

I like it, no odor upon opening, feels pretty firm when you lay on it but upon wakening in the morning it feels great. I don't want to get out of bed. I placed this on a too firm mattress, so, previously I didn't feel that level of comfort in the morning.

Tartar | Verified Buyer
Really high quality and a great price! No off-gassing
Feb 23rd 2016

Really high quality and a great price! No off-gassing. As far as I can tell, made in the USA.

A Driscoll | Verified Buyer
Feb 21st 2016

We purchased to refresh a coil mattress that was feeling a bit dead. The topper offers a very nice balance of firmness and squish resulting in a very comfy upgrade to our bed! The mattress cover is nice and soft and keeps the latex in. I noticed a rubbery smell for the first week, but couldn't detect it after that.

Elise | Verified Buyer
I love it. There was no odor
Jan 27th 2016

I love it. There was no odor, and it is very comfy. Every few weeks, I rotate it around since I sleep alone and I always sleep on one side (though I've noticed no sign of loss of thickness--I just do this preventatively). This was SO much better than spending thousands on a new bed, which I was about to do. It's super comfy.

Ll | Verified Buyer
Nov 2nd 2015

So comfy!! I love this topper. I put the organic wool on top of it and it's the perfect combo. So happy!! A good night's sleep is priceless.

Shelly | Verified Buyer
I was about to buy a new mattress to replace ...
Sep 28th 2015

I was about to buy a new mattress to replace one that was too firm. I discovered this; problem solved!

John | Verified Buyer
Mar 31st 2015

Bought this because I had bought a queen sized inflatable mattress and it works great. Much better than memory foam. Keeps you cool

Anderson | Verified Buyer
The product came as advertised and was of good quality.
Feb 7th 2015

I was hoping this product would help my sleeping problems unfortunately it didn't but I don't think it was due to this product. The product came as advertised and was of good quality.

Keyes | Verified Buyer
Four Stars
Jan 27th 2015

So far I like the Mattress insert quite well

Kathleen | Verified Buyer
Improved comfort level
Apr 22nd 2014

It took longer to air out than I expected, I'm sensitive to odors,but did not find it to be an irritating odor. It did improve the quality of my current mattress.

Ll Urban | Verified Buyer
Can a mattress topper change your life?
May 24th 2011

I am now and always have been. You will benefit slightly since I have been sleeping on this topper for almost nine months and I, naturally, procrastinated in writing this review.