Organic Cotton Mattress Pads

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All organic cotton pads with outer organic soft fabric and inner fine organic cotton. Exclusively organic free of addictive substances and off gassing. Most competitive pads use vinyl, PVC, and phthalates, polyurethane, polyethyelene or synthetic layers. Some claim no PVC or urethane, but have some synthetic components. Ask them if they will certify as ALL organic and no non-natural components. Your will have a Wow moment. These pads can be washed frequently as needed and are always fresh without limitation of spot cleaning. Young ones spend about 75% of their time on the mattresses either sleeping or playing. Any toxicity from PVC / urethane or similar substances can have serious effect on their health. These heavier pads absorb twice the amount of liquids eliminating or reducing need for water repellant covers that are usually made of vinyl or polyurethanes. Ideal for healthy and well living.