Natural Latex Body Pillow

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What is it made of?

Latex body pillow made with 100% natural latex, no synthetic additives. It is free from polyesters or chemical foams that can emit off gassing to take your mind away from real goal of relaxing. This latex body pillow is covered by removable certified organic cotton cover.

Why was it made?

Its unique pin hole design provides excellent pressure point relief system. The pin holes also function like a natural cooling system. Allowing for easy air flow keeping you fresh all night long while wicking away moisture. Made for those who prefer a hug-able pillow. Excellent for moms to be.  

How it helps you.

The Latex body pillow will provides a comfy and cozy sleep, while helping relieve leg, hip, shoulder and spinal strains. Its natural anti microbial properties will give you a healthy comfortable rest all night long. 


48" long x 8" diameter.