Duo Towel Set

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  • Made with 100% Organic Cotton
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • GOTS Certified 
  • 2 piece Set

Made with 100% Indian organic cotton completely free from any harmful toxic chemicals and softeners. The cotton is picked and processed to meet all Global Organic Textile Standards. Woven into a plush absorbent terry cloth. We believe living with organic products promotes a healthier lifestyle.  After a good shower or bath you should only be drying yourself with the purest towels. Promoting durable sustainable Eco-friendly products to every home for a healthier lifestyle is our mission. After a nice shower the last thing you want to do it dry yourself with a towel that has been chemically processed. Imagine what that does to your pores. They are a perfect addition to your healthy home.


Set of two 30" x 60" towels

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Great product
Written by Catalina House on Dec 22nd 2017

Great product ...shipped on time 

All Good
Written by River Crane on Dec 8th 2017

All good! Great Towels

Written by Evan Bradley on Dec 8th 2017

everything went great, and towel is beautiful

Good Items
Written by Lamont Bradshaw on Nov 18th 2017

Items received as specified.

Written by Odin Hamilton on Oct 13th 2017

Wonderful organic cotton towel-bigger than I'd expected, so was pleased,as it was for my teenage son. 

I got this towel as a gift a couple weeks ago and it has been wonderful. I always got cheap towels from local markets
Written by Michael Ta on Sep 26th 2017

Never thought I'd review a towel, however... I got this towel as a gift a couple weeks ago and it has been wonderful. I always got cheap towels from local markets, since it was convenient. But, man... oh man... such a difference!The towel is a great size and weight, it's about 30" x 62", but once washed it stays 28" x 60"(I got no way to actually weigh this thing, ha!). It definitely sticks to it's descriptions of being durable, soft and extra absorbent. I also have to include that when you wash it for the first time or the first few times, it does not shed any lint or fabric. I have bought so many towels and it would shed all over my laundry that I mix in with it. Very frustrating and I always forget to wash them separately, so when I forgot to separate my laundry with this towel, no issues. Including to that of course, it doesn't shed on me!

fast shipping
Written by Natalia Mitchell on Apr 6th 2017

shipped fast.