Dunlop Latex Pillow

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  • Made with 100% Natural Latex
  • Removable Organic cotton Cover
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial
  • Pin Core design for airflow
  • Spine and neck support
  • Made using Dun-lop process

Made from 100% natural rubber trees. These rubber trees, also known as Para or Hevea brasiliensis, are naturally grown in Sri Lanka. The Dun-lop process provides a bit more firmness for those who prefer a firmer option. Engineered to help control sleeping temperatures with a unique Pin Core Design for free airflow. Dun-lop Natural Latex pillow helps relieve discomfort from neck and spinal pain, allowing you to sleep comfortably through every night. Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial this pillow allows for a healthy lifestyle. We make sure our Natural Dun-lop Latex Pillows are durable to retain their shape year after year. Removable organic cotton cover is provided for easy machine washable care.

-Dun-lop is a firmer, lower loft pillow compared to traditional latex pillows. 


Standard: 16" x 20" x 4"        Queen: 16" x 31" x 4"        King: 16" x 36" x 4"                     


Product Reviews

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Cindy Killgore | Verified Buyer
Had to return
May 30th 2018

I wanted a king foam pillow. I have purchased several low loft soft pillows standard size. I was hoping the Dunlop pillow would be softer than it is. It is too firm and a little too high loft for me. I went back to the soft low loft pillows that I purchased from you earlier. But, other than preference it was an excellent pillow.

Laurie | Verified Buyer
Natural Latex Pillow
May 11th 2018

Ahhh! At last I can throw away my old latex pillow that is literally disintegrating beneath my head. I have been on a 3 year quest to replace my old fashioned, no frills, plain pillow-shaped, plain rubber/latex standard pillow. It seems like all pillows these days have some gimmick. It's either some freak of design, or "memory foam" or cooling or some other nutty thing. NO. I need a nice firm, bouncy pillow I can scrunch up under my neck when I sleep on my side and that's ... basically ... it. I am embarrassed to say how many pillows I have accumulated in search of the right one. Finally got it. This is perfect. Slept like a baby last night, almost too good to be true. And of course it was better than the disintegrating one, by a long shot.

Shyla Kemp | Verified Buyer
Firm Pillow
Dec 5th 2017

I would call this semi-firm at best, but it does seem to be a nice pillow otherwise. I just replaced a 3-year old firm latex pillow because it had lost some of it's firmness, but that one is still more firm than this one.

Cory Carrillo | Verified Buyer
Oct 10th 2017

I was not happy with the pillows, for me they did not meet the standard for firm. That however is subjective and the pillows were otherwise of good quality. I returned the pillows with no problems for a refund. 

Olya | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Sep 26th 2017

So good!..

Sunshine | Verified Buyer
Natural Latex Pillow
Sep 15th 2017

What can I say, this is a latex pillow that you have to become a accustomed to. Having said that, the medium firm takes a bit of adjustment. I have had neck/back problems for years. Tossed and turned with other pillows. Last year I purchased, not from Amazon, a latex 3 inch topper for my mattress, to try it out, and although I still have lower back pain from time to time, that topper did WONDERS....SO this pillow is definitely a PLUS in my book. I no longer use 2 pillows when sleeping and toss and turn less frequently. Is this a miracle marvel? Not really however, I have noticed an improvement in my neck. I do find, sometimes, that I have a little bit of shoulder pain but, not too much and, not every day. It does not eliminate heat transfer, if you are a person who naturally sweats, awake or asleep, please know this will not help you BUT, it does have the natural pin hole design which, is standard for ALL latex products. Your head feels like it is on a trampoline meaning, it has a bounce to it but not as such that it is a negative end result; the pillow cradles you. I would not recommend the soft density for a side sleeper as you do need additional support. Since the product natural, it will last you for years with the proper care. I use a pillow case OVER the case it comes in. You are able to remove the cover it comes with. If you have some odor when first received, that is completely normal, it will gas off after a day or so. Should you go to the manufacturers website, you WILL NOT see this pillow at this price point, they do work with such vendors as Amazon to give a better cost to the customer. In the end, it is a personal choice and you have to be happy with it. Here is to getting a better night's rest! This is my 2nd purchase of this pillow!

Litzy Lambert | Verified Buyer
3 stars
Apr 10th 2017

I have neck problems and have used a latex pillow for years, the one I have now shrunk in height so I bought this one. It says regular, but it was to firm and not high enough, caused my neck to hurt and arm to go numb. Also make sure you buy the right firmness for latex pillows.The company ships free to you, but if you return/exchange the pillow you have to pay return shipping.

P&K S | Verified Buyer
I have tried many pillows that had great reviews for being the best pillow of all
Jan 5th 2017

I have tried many pillows that had great reviews for being the best pillow of all pillows and most have been a disappointment often in the middle of the night when I would wake with a head or neck ache... until I found this pillow. I got the Standard size

Dave in Seattle | Verified Buyer
My search for the right pillow finally ended.
Jan 3rd 2017

Great latex pillow for side sleeper, fully supports my head and holds it's shape. Light rubber smell that goes away quickly. I am well satisfied with my purchase.

Amanda F | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Jan 3rd 2017

As advertised.

Dano | Verified Buyer
Best pillow ever
Dec 28th 2016

Love it. Unlike other pillows that flatten and stay there or only come back if you move to another spot on the pillow, the latex is constantly cushy.

K. Schulz | Verified Buyer
I let it air out for a day
Dec 23rd 2016

Initial first week observations: this pillow is quite a bit more firm than I'm used to and it took me 3-4 days to get used to it but after the break-in period I feel this is a solid foam pillow purchase. I let it air out for a day and while it doesn't smell like my pillow yet--it doesn't have an overpowering smell at all.

ELLIS | Verified Buyer
Dec 15th 2016

These are the most comfortable pillows I have ever had. Not too hot, not too cold, not too soft, not too hard - just right. I found my down pillows were just too hot even in colder weather. The latex pillow is wonderful! Much cooler but not cold to sleep on. Can easily be stacked when you get a head cold without being too high and causing neck pain. I highly recommend these pillows. I also have a natural latex mattress so everything is perfect for a good nights sleep.

M. Chase | Verified Buyer
Perfect Pillow
Dec 13th 2016

Great pillows. We bought 4 so far!!!

David Reynolds | Verified Buyer
very comfortable, not too hard or too soft no smell ...
Dec 12th 2016

very comfortable, not too hard or too soft no smell or odor to it. I do recommend a zippered protective cover for it that is a tight enough weave to keep out mites and other problems to increase the life of the pillow.

Lesley | Verified Buyer
sleep on a cloud
Dec 9th 2016

like your head is on a cloud

Bill M | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Dec 9th 2016

My wife loves it!

T Albright | Verified Buyer
Perfect pillow so far...
Dec 6th 2016

I can never seem to find a pillow that is supportive for more than a couple of weeks. My closet is full of "firm" fiberfill pillows perfect for side sleepers! I've even used the Tempur-Pedic pillow - way too hard! I settled on the Well Living Shop Natural Latex Pillow after much research and reading other reviews, hoping it would live up to expectations. After sleeping straight through the night for two nights with this pillow, I think I've found the right one. It's been a long time since I've slept all night without waking up tossing and turning to try to find a comfortable position. Hopefully, this will last for longer than a couple of weeks!

Eric B. | Verified Buyer
I just need one good pillow, and unfortunately
Dec 6th 2016

It's not very tall and much softer (mushy) than I wanted. My wife on the other hand likes it and has added it to her pile of pillows on the bed, which I believe is up to 4 on her side now!

Samantha | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Dec 5th 2016

Great, breathable pillow. Exactly as advertised. Best of all - low to no odor. Will buy another.

MAUREEN R. | Verified Buyer
Finally not to soft, not to hard.
Dec 1st 2016

Took this out of the box an told husband, heres another one ill have to return. It felt flat as a pankcake when i squished it flat with both hands. Dont let that fool you. Im a plus sized back an side sleeper. Everything ive tried has been to flat or too tall. Based on that this pillow is med-firm as described. It sinks down to cradle your head and support it. An its support is med-firm. I have alot of neck damage, so alignment is crucial

Paula Knox | Verified Buyer
Nov 30th 2016

This is a wonderful pillow. I was able to throw out my other pillows-one fat, one thin-and just sleep on one pillow-this one! Holds its shape beautifully. I would definitely recommend.

Betty | Verified Buyer
Good choice
Nov 19th 2016

Great pillow. Doesn't go flat.

J. Hale | Verified Buyer
Three Stars
Nov 15th 2016

Smaller with less loft than expected. Very firm as well. Not for someone that prefers a softer pillow.

David L Bradburyo | Verified Buyer
Kinda smells nice. Had two months now and while the smell ...
Oct 26th 2016

These have a little smell when new, but it is not offensive. Kinda smells nice. Had two months now and while the smell is still there it is greatly reduced. These pillows are very comfortable. At first they seemed too soft because your head sinks in about half the thickness. But that is it that point your head is well supported and you sink no further. These are our go to pillows now, we have been spoiled and will use no others. I am a side sleeper and my wife is a stomach sleeper and they work for both of us. My wife had one of those memory foam contour pillows, she gave it away!

PEtoo | Verified Buyer
Oct 11th 2016

my favorite pillow. Firm and the right height for side sleeping. I have latex pillows all the time since I find others to soft or too much like trying to lay on a ball. The top of a latex pillow is mostly flat, good for side sleepers. My last latex pillows lasted for 20 years, I just kept them double covered and washed the covers regularly

stone | Verified Buyer
not bad
Oct 9th 2016

we used this pillow for one year, it's too high for me, not bad qualty

Elene | Verified Buyer
Sep 27th 2016

Bit stiff, but great pillow!

nic | Verified Buyer
I think this pillow is beyond comfortable and I even ordered a second one for my ...
Sep 22nd 2016

I think this pillow is beyond comfortable and I even ordered a second one for my fiancé. My only complaint and why it's getting 4 stars is the smell. Unfortunately, it has a very strong latex smell that doesn't go away quickly... I have a very sensitive sense of smell so, maybe it wouldn't bother some but, I personally notice it. Again, the pillow is a dream to sleep on but, it needs a fair amount of time to stop smelling like a box of latex gloves.

Helenon | Verified Buyer
Lumpy pillows
Aug 20th 2016

I would of given this pillow a better review because I think it could be a great product. However, these pillows come folded in half and then in half again, and packaged in very small boxes! The result is the crease down the middle of the pillow is forever embedded into the pillow. I was surprised that the crease never goes away because latex supposedly bounces back, thus I have come to the conclusion these pillows sit in those tiny boxes for who knows how long. Perhaps right after the manufacturing process. Too bad

BySarah | Verified Buyer
If you're a back sleeper this pillow is excellent!
Apr 12th 2016

Everything about this pillow is fantastically wonderful... except that it's too soft and doesn't offer enough support for a side sleeper like me. It's great when I'm on my back! But I have to put a towel under the side of it to give it enough height to support me when I sleep on my side. This surprised me a bit because the last latex pillow I bought was too firm. I didn't realize that latex could get THIS soft and plushy. The pillow also arrived lumpy from shipping (the way it was folded in the box caused this), and the lumps never went away. It doesn't lay flat. I was bothered at first, but I was so desperate for a non-toxic pillow that I put up with it instead of returning it. The lumps actually don't affect my sleep or comfort, so it's not a big deal.

Shawn B. Fogleon | Verified Buyer
Used to be perfect, they cheaped out.
Mar 15th 2016

I bought this pillow a few years ago and it was PERFECT. Unfortunately, it appears, that they have cheapened their manufacturing processIt's MUCH less supportive due to far less density of the latex (probably twice the number of holes as before).It's SMALLER. I bought a king size pillow, and it's SO much smaller than the old one, it looks like a queen size when it's side by side.I was SO happy with the previous purchase, this one, never again. It's barely good enough now, but, it's going to be a decorative pillow from this point on. I have to find a new one.

Jacob | Verified Buyer
Almost perfect pillow....for me
Feb 17th 2016

My pillow arrived promptly, however there was a problem with it. The company very quickly acknowledged the problem and sent a replacement, which I am very happy with. It is soft and comfortable, but provides good support. Pillows are such personal things, it almost doesn't make sense to read reviews on them.. My girlfriend and I seemed to be on a never ending quest to find the perfect pillow, and have spent a lot of money on that quest.

Dora | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Feb 8th 2016

Great pillow!