Dual Zone Pillow

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  • Made with 100% Natural latex
  • GOLS Certified
  • Dual zone pin core design
  • Premium neck and head support
  • Extremely breathable
  • Regulates temperature

These Premium Latex Pillows are manufactured using both 100% Natural Latex and GOLS certified Organic Latex. The natural sources derived to craft these latex pillows are both of the highest quality latex which contain no synthetic latex or other additives. Becoming one of the purest latex pillows in the market. The new dual zone design provides you with a comfort zone in the center, and a support zone along the edge. Making it a perfect pillow for those with specific needs. The pin hole design supplies superior air flow providing you with the best cooling technology.


Standard 16" x 24"           Queen 16" x 31"            King 16" x 36"

Product Reviews

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Dayton Maddox | Verified Buyer
Good Pillow
Dec 11th 2017

This pillow is well 'constructed' if that's the right term, and just as described. It didn't work out for me because it tilted my head out of alignment, but if it would have been thinner, it may have been just fine. They replied promptly to my request to return the pillow and my refund is processing.

Portland Dude | Verified Buyer
Nice pillows
Sep 24th 2017

These are a quality made product with real natural latex. Nice addition to my many other kinds of pillows. The smell lasts a few days so be patient. Regardless, it's not toxic, just strong..... and sort of fruity.... for latex that is.

Diana Bredemeyer | Verified Buyer
Best pillows for degenerative disk disease of the neck.
Aug 14th 2017

Love my latex pillows. If you have neck issues as I do, they are the best!

joschmo | Verified Buyer
Good quality and good price
Jul 26th 2017

It feels quite different from a regular pillow so don't give up on the first try. It is actually very supportive but so light it may feel at first like there is nothing under your head!For the record, I am female, 5'7" and weigh about 150lbs.

Charlie Paul | Verified Buyer
Jul 25th 2017

Great pillow.

Alvarez | Verified Buyer
Awesome pillows
May 30th 2017

I love these pillows. I generally haven't liked any of the pillows I have purchased in the last several years. These hold their firmness perfectly. A tiny bit of smell the first few days, but it dissipated in the first few days. Absolutely love these pillows.

Ralph Bradford | Verified Buyer
Its ok
Apr 8th 2017

It is firmer than expected but I am sleeping well. 

Thomas B. Fritz | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Mar 25th 2017


ToastMaster | Verified Buyer
Great Organic Latex Pillow!!!
Mar 12th 2017

This is a great pillow! It definitely provides the support needed for someone who likes to sleep on their side or back with a firm pillow that won't go flat. This pillow is almost springy and is surprisingly soft but yet doesn't go flat. It provides the resistance needed without having to have a rock hard pillow. My pillow came odor free. I would definitely recommend this pillow to anyone who has been looking for a pillow that won't go flat!

Wendy | Verified Buyer
Perfect for back sleepers
Mar 1st 2017

Love my new pillow! This pillow is not your usual pillow. It has a lot of spring/ bounce to it. It bounces back after you come off it. Keeps my neck supported. I wouldn't recommend for belly sleepers because it would be too thick, belly sleepers need a slimmer/flatter pillow or something with less bounce to it.

Customer | Verified Buyer
very firm and tall pillow
Oct 15th 2016

Materials used in manufacture are pleasant, but the pillow quality was too firm and tall for my needs, and I did not personally detect a difference in pressure sensitivity between the center and border sections.

Ken L. | Verified Buyer
VERY firm pillow
Apr 14th 2016

It is a quality pillow, no doubt about it, but if you're a side sleeper it's likely not the pillow for you. It is VERY firm. I think if you sleep on your back and prefer a firm pillow, you'll like it. It just didn't work for me.

,Mary Sweeney | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Aug 5th 2015

Best pillow ever

S. Demirjian | Verified Buyer
Great pillows
Jan 27th 2015

I bought two of these which I use on top of each other. They are well made, offer excellent support whether a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper.These are made from one piece of heavy weight latex foam not filled with bits and pieces like other pillows.The first couple of nights they felt a bit strange because the pillows these replaced were much softer although they were sold as firm as well. I wouldn't trade these pillows for anything else.

Jaynelle A. | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Jan 8th 2015

A little heavier than I expected bot other than that I was very pleased

GK | Verified Buyer
Love my new pillow
Nov 13th 2014

Love my new pillow. This pillow maybe to9 hard for some people. If you like a soft cuddly pillow this is not the pillow for you. I sleep on my side and back and have had no problems with this pillow.

Nub | Verified Buyer
Firm texture no options for less firm pillows
Jul 15th 2014

The pillows are very firm and more suitable for side sleepers than back sleepers.

Choung O. | Verified Buyer
Natural Latex Pillows . !!!
Apr 4th 2014

These pillows are made of real organic latex. They do not hold in heat. All I can say is " Perfect " of my pillow.I definitely recommend these pillows.

Mikki B | Verified Buyer
Perfect pillow
Apr 4th 2014

After using fiber filled pillows, down, memory foam, etc, I tired this pillow and it is by far my favorite. I had neck and shoulder problems. I can 'mush' this pillow up just right and the thickness and softness is perfect. I also tried a shredded natural latex, and this is still my favorite. I also like the fact it's organic, and there are no more toxic chemicals to be exposed to.

Karen Warlick | Verified Buyer
Natural Latex Pillows Dual Zone Premium New
Mar 9th 2014

I just ordered my second set of king-size "Natural Latex Pillows Dual Zone Premium-New" pillows, as well as a set of Standard Size. While we have only had these a few months, they are very comfortable. They have just the right firmness so that my head is neither sinking down into the bottom of the pillow or staying on top with no "give". I definitely recommend these for people looking for a pillow that retains its shape & firmness.

Marilyn Thorson | Verified Buyer
Very high quality pillow.......
Nov 2nd 2013

Great latex pillow....found it very comfortable.........arrived on time in excellent condition....Would highly recommend this pillow.....and the company that produces it.........

Customer | Verified Buyer
Great Pillows
Aug 5th 2013

I really like these pillows. I am so glad I went ahead and ordered them. Arrived quickly. They do not hold in heat and so far so good for a side sleeper.

AS | Verified Buyer
Apr 26th 2013

All I can say is: Heaven...I'm in HEAVEN.....a great night's sleep and the PERFECT amount of support for my head. I am a side sleeper exclusively, with my arm above my head under the pillow, the other resting on top of the pillow by my head. Kind of like a pillow hug. My arm underneath would be asleep and I hot as heck with my old pillow, but with this one, I remained blissfully cool, and my head and neck supported, with my arm happy too! :) I awoke very rested and ready for the day! YES!! I seem to have hit a home run the first choice!