Down Alternative Comforter

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Covered with 100% Organic cotton cover
  • Filled with down alternative fiber
  • Light and heavy versions
  • Washable comforter (easy care) 

Our Organic Down Alternative Comforter is the best Eco-friendly option. Made because we believe in quality bedding products that make a positive impact on our environment.

With the use of recycled resources (water bottles) we have crafted the down alternative fiber, which is covered with 100% organic cotton. A perfect match for those looking for environmentally friendly products, without compensating the quality of their home product..

This comforter provides the warmth of a traditional down comforter with the reduced allergy alternative.

Offered in two versions for everyone's personal preference.

The light version is 20% lighter perfect for the warmer weather climates and those with cooler sleeping preferences.



 Twin 68"x 86"     Queen 88"x 88"     King 96"x 104"      King XL 106"x 110"


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 25 ratings)
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Diamond Hooper | Verified Buyer
Nov 5th 2017

works great

Charity Hoffman | Verified Buyer
Aug 13th 2017

Very solid with a high end quality and feel. Easily Comparable to higher end more expensive version.

Johanna Manning | Verified Buyer
Feb 8th 2017

Everything was good, thanks!

Em | Verified Buyer
Better than real thing!
Dec 26th 2016

Wonderful! It is warmer than my other real down comforter. Super soft and cozy!

Alisa J. Thompson | Verified Buyer
... as the picture nor as heavy as I would like
Dec 5th 2016

It is not as fluffy as the picture nor as heavy as I would like, but I prefer to sleep with more weight on top than some. It does stay in place though and provides enough warmth.

Manny | Verified Buyer
This is nice and full
Sep 28th 2016

This is nice and full, but it's on the heavy side for summer. Also, it is too crinkly for my liking. I was hoping for something soft and quiet.

John K. Skousen | Verified Buyer
Four Stars
Mar 29th 2016

Very nice comforter. Very thick and warm. We use it in our mountain cabin master suite.

Customer | Verified Buyer
Amazing product. Fits the queen bed very well
Feb 10th 2016

Amazing product. Fits the queen bed very well, Love the fact that it is organic

hrider | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Feb 3rd 2016

Wonderful product! I highly recommend!

DGTL | Verified Buyer
Thick and comfy
Jan 7th 2016

This is a very good comforter, maybe even a bit too thick at times though as it makes me hot! good for winter months for sure.

Danica | Verified Buyer
Great for Allergies!
Jan 3rd 2016

I've lived with this comforter for a few weeks now and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I went back and forth over which one to choose-the king light or the king heavy? I went with the light and it was perfect. We actually get hot under the comforter, it keeps it pretty warm. I like the feel of the fabric, its soft yet crisp if that makes sense. I have TONS of allergies and chemical sensitivities and this hasn't bothered me once. I have to wash my bedding once a week in hot water to keep allergens down and its held up very well so far. It comes out of the dryer just as fluffy as the first use. It has no weird chemical smell to it.

Emily B. | Verified Buyer
Sooooooooo warm!
Dec 23rd 2015

I have always wanted a comforter and I am so glad I chose this one. It was quick to arrive and I purchased a duvet cover to keep it clean. No odor, only warmth. I live in New England so being warm is key and this comforter delivers. I may have to get the lighter weight one for summertime.

Picky | Verified Buyer
... comforter for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed it.
Dec 20th 2015

Have had his this comforter for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed it. Warm but not too heavy. Fits perfectly in my duvet cover. Very pleased.

Cristal D. | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Nov 20th 2015

very warm and cozy

Gail Hatch | Verified Buyer
I like this comforter
Nov 12th 2015

I like this comforter, it is nice and warm. Not to heavy. One down side would be it's very "crinkly" maybe this will go away with use. I put it in a duvet cover, and that helps deaden the noise some.

irina | Verified Buyer
So lite and warm. U don't feel it on ...
Nov 5th 2015

So lite and warm. U don't feel it on your body.

Kasey | Verified Buyer
Excellent comforter for an excellent price
Oct 12th 2015

We bought this last year for my brother as a Christmas gift. I was pretty nervous as we couldn't feel it first and he's very picky. But what a pleasant surprise! It's the exact dimensions as listed, gleaming white, fluffy, soft, and super comfortable to use. We had previously returned 2 others because they were too thin, so this heavy one was perfect for a year-round comforter here in Texas. He's used it consistently since then and also washed & dried it several times with no problems. We'd definitely buy this again for a gift or for ourselves.

Moira McLaughlin | Verified Buyer
I LOVE this comforter -- Thank you!
Oct 6th 2015

I LOVE this comforter. I ordered the Queen Heavy and it is so much more than I expected. High quality organic cotton outside

Dana Janis | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Oct 2nd 2015


Injeannious | Verified Buyer
Lovely organic down alternative comforter that stands up to machine washing
Sep 8th 2015

Has held up to several washes already and still is soft, smooth and has nice loft. The bright white color hasn't greyed or yellowed. Exactly what I needed.

Kathleen P. | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Aug 22nd 2015

very light and nice

Shakeh | Verified Buyer
looks good. and I am sure it will be good ...
Aug 1st 2015

I have not used this comfort yet. it looks good. and I am sure it will be good for my allergy.

Casey Balch | Verified Buyer
Super plush!
Jan 2nd 2015

I ordered the Queen size comforter. I was very surprised with how plush it was, which is always a great concern when ordering down comforters online. I am very pleased with this purchase. Note: I ordered the fuller option, so if you're considering this comforter I highly recommend that option.

Mamia | Verified Buyer
Dec 30th 2014

Snuggling under it as I type this. VERY cozy for the winter, without being too heavy.

Allison | Verified Buyer
Dec 5th 2014

This comforter is a serious winner. I had gotten one before that was about half this price, but it was super thin and cheap. This one is very well priced & very high quality! I love it! I feel like I'm in a fancy hotel every time I crawl into bed. (: My bed looks like ones you see on pintrest or in magazines.(: