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  • Made with Organic Latex
  • GOLS Certified
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Cradles the neck and offer superior support
  • 2 Loft Options

Our Premium Contour Latex pillows are manufactured using Global Organic Latex Standards certified latex covered with a removable organic cotton cover. Made from Eco-harvested latex trees with no toxic chemicals or fillers. Certified latex is completely processed to meet all the global latex standard requirements, from organic soil to organic growth harvesting. These pillows contain zero off gassing, synthetic latex or other synthetic materials. The contour shape cradles the neck and offer superior support. This additional support is soothing and comforting for a deep restful sleep. The contour shape allows for ideal neck and back support making it easy to sleep when you find yourself tossing and turning. You can alternate loft on pillows as it can be flipped to low contour or high contour side.


Regular standard loft  24"x 16" 5"and 4.5"      Soft standard loft  24"x 16" 5"and 4.5"     Regular low loft  24"x 16" 4.5"and 3.5"

Product Reviews

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Elle Hayden | Verified Buyer
Recommended Purchase
Dec 17th 2017

My wife's chiropractor recommended she use a contour, neck pillow. When she was searching, this was the only organic pillow available. As recommended, she slept on it for 10 minutes each night for a week, 20 minutes each night for the 2nd week, and then a full night's rest the 3rd week. She can tell a significant difference in the support for her neck. This is a great and recommended purchase. 

Brodie Waters | Verified Buyer
Dec 4th 2017

Great as it has helped my neck after auto accident 2'years ago 

Savion Trujillo | Verified Buyer
Best latex pillow
Sep 9th 2017

This is the best latex pillow I've ever owned! The support is perfect, I love it! Shipping was very fast! I love knowing I'm sleeping on organic material, Thank you

Emily Brady | Verified Buyer
Love my pillow
Mar 29th 2017

Have only been using my new pillow for a few nights, but so far very happy with it! 

JoJo | Verified Buyer
Very comfortable pillow
Jan 7th 2017

It was incredibly comfortable. However, it was a little too high for me (my arm went numb -- I have some neck issues), so I've returned it (no problems, very helpful customer service) and am exchanging it for another one that they have which is slightly lower. Hopefully my neck will like it as much as I do.

Kristilbj | Verified Buyer
Jan 5th 2017

I researched for months for the perfect pillow. I was searching for something to replace my previous temperpedic contoured. I chose this due to the organic and non toxic. Extremely well made, no fumes. Liked it so much, I bought another!

Olga Golubeva | Verified Buyer
A bit too firm
Dec 29th 2016

I little bit too firm for me, but I guess it's matter of personal preferences. Hard to find good latex pillow in USA, so this one not bad chioce.

Botanica | Verified Buyer
Finally, the right pillow
Nov 26th 2016

I tried several other contoured latex pillows and they were either too high or too stiff or both. This one is just the right softness for me on the higher side, so I am comfortable whether on my back or sleeping on the side. The lower side is too low even for me -- my old awful memory pillow was at 3 inches (no give), and that was perfect. This one, the lower end, while measuring 3.5, is softer and compresses to about 2 inches. The higher end, measuring 5, compresses just right, so I would guess to about 3.5.

mihyder | Verified Buyer
cool and not bunchy
Nov 25th 2016

I was looking for a pillow that was soft (memory foam felt too hard), lower than normal (low loft), cool and not bunchy. Other than an initial odor, this pillow fit the bill perfectly. I'm so excited and relieved to find a pillow! It is soft like a cotton/down pillow.

Toni | Verified Buyer
Organic latex perfection
Nov 14th 2016

Not too firm, not too soft. Exactly right. It is ventilated and had no odor at bedtime.It comes with a removable zippered case and it was just what I'd been looking for.It's a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. I paid full price and no discount and would do it again tomorrow

Mark J. Strong | Verified Buyer
Very good - some nights I prefer the low contour side ...
Jul 4th 2016

Very good - some nights I prefer the low contour side but overall I've never slept better. Firmness is about right

Rachel MORRIS | Verified Buyer
May 23rd 2016

Amazing cloud like pillow. No smell, perfect. I bought it 3 months ago and still happy. Just the right curves.

Saloumeh Rahimi | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
May 21st 2016

LOve it.

Ewal | Verified Buyer
Overall a very good pillow
Mar 13th 2016

Delivery was excellent...arrived in 2 days. The pillow is very comfortable, the contour is supportive of my neck and head, and the pillow is good for side and back sleeping, and I like the fact materials are organic and latex due to allergy problems.

Linda Dazey | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Feb 25th 2016

no toxic fumes, it is a winner

M Wright | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Feb 9th 2016

Most comfortable pillow for your neck.

Issaquahgamer | Verified Buyer
It is extremely comfortable and has no odor whatsoever
Jan 25th 2016

I was having neck pain and headaches, but this pillow helped significantly. I don't wake up with a stiff neck anymore. If I sleep one night without this pillow, I can tell the difference! It is extremely comfortable and has no odor whatsoever.

Customer | Verified Buyer
... it out for a few days and it was fine. I gave it to my son as a ...
Jan 19th 2016

It's large and soft and didn't have much of a latex smell at first - I just aired it out for a few days and it was fine. I gave it to my son as a gift,a nd he loved it.

Suzie | Verified Buyer
Excellent support for side sleepers
Jan 16th 2016

If you unzip cover and look at pillow, it is indeed as the picture someone sent in, nice contours. I am a side sleeper and this pillow was firm enough to actually support my neck. I use it on the high side. The contour pillows are tricky to pick out. If you get a nice soft cushy one, you may not get the neck support you need. I have neck issues from past accident, and the support is the most important to me. This pillow is not hard, but it is firm. The only things I would have liked better, would have been a little more height in the contours-at least 1/2 inch up to an inch, and a case that was larger to actually fit properly. These two things are not deal breakers however, and this is the best support latex pillow I have found. I thought the price was a little high, and almost got the non organic one for less, but was not sure if it was the exact same contour shape, and also figured the extra expense would be worth it for how long my pillows last me.

HealthConsult | Verified Buyer
Non toxic.
Jan 12th 2016


Francis | Verified Buyer
Very comfortable. Nice contoured shape and more than adequate in ...
Dec 11th 2015

Very comfortable. Nice contoured shape and more than adequate in depth, weight and total size. Plus organic materials make it well worth the cost in my mind. Didn't see anything better at various retail stores.

Michael J. Deluca | Verified Buyer
Perfect For Neck Alignment
Nov 30th 2015

This is by far the best pillow I've ever used. I'm a back sleeper and this provides excellent support. It's a little springy which props your neck into proper alignment. I had been waking up with horrible neck pain each day using a contour memory foam pillow. The difference between this latex pillow and memory foam pillows is literally night and day. Now I wake up feeling refreshed with the pain.

Mike | Verified Buyer
Works For The Wife
Nov 12th 2015

My wife, who is rather picky about pillows due to spinal problems, reports that this pillow is acceptable. Given that this is the fifth pillow she's tried in a month and said anything remotely positive about, I'd have to say that's a win. Good support, not too long, not too short, and only a faint and non-bothersome odor.

Tony Wang | Verified Buyer
Four Stars
Nov 5th 2015

Comfortable but still smells a bit

lizzie | Verified Buyer
Latex contour pillow
Nov 4th 2015

Have tried many, tempurpedic etc. and this is the only one that's comfortable as it's latex foam.

Kelley Metabolic Center | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Oct 20th 2015

Very comfortable.

J Handelman | Verified Buyer
Great material and detail, but much thicker than I was expecting.
Oct 7th 2015

Great material and detail, but much thicker than I was expecting.

janel | Verified Buyer
Four Stars
Sep 23rd 2015

Love this pillow. It could be a bit thicker but still very good.

Holly Ann | Verified Buyer
Love this pillow
Jul 24th 2015

I have upper back and shoulder issues. I also get chronic headaches, typically 1x per week. I got to thinking it may have something to do with how I'm sleeping, inconjuction with not drinking enough water. I really love this pillow. I definitely notice that my upper back and neck do not hurt now after using this. There is absolutely no smell and no fire retardants which was a must. The only thing I wish is that it was a little thicker. Otherwise, I love it.

Hubert C | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Jun 9th 2015

Nice quality...release my headache and get a better sleeping experience !

Lisa Tampa | Verified Buyer
Five stars!
Apr 19th 2015

Love this pillow! My neck really loves this pillow. Soft yet plenty of support. No chemical smells or fumes. Great buy!

Tessa | Verified Buyer
Love this pillow!
Apr 10th 2015

Wonderful pillow - came with information, nicely packaged! Would buy again!

ML | Verified Buyer
Nice pillow it just did not work for my neck ...
Dec 31st 2014

Nice pillow it just did not work for my neck problem.

6219345 | Verified Buyer
Solid purchase
Nov 21st 2014

I was nervous making this purchase, because when you search online you hear a mixed bag of production quality with natural latex products. I'm pleased with what I got. Smell was minimal; I let it air a day and then put it into use. It's the right amount of thickness and firmness (not too soft or squishy). Happy with the price, and as I recall it arrived pretty fast too.

BB | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Oct 4th 2014

I love this pillow! It's very comfortable and supportive. No strange odors either.