Certefied 100% Organic Cotton Pillow

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This pair of pillows bring the best of the best to your bed. Made in the USA with 100% organic Texas grown cotton filling. Covered with a 350 thread count organic cotton cover. Truly a 100% organic pillows without the use of harsh chemical, pesticides, and toxins. The loft of your pillow may vary as they come with a zipper. You may add or remove the cotton filling to please your comfort level needs, giving you just the right amount of support where you need it most. Personalized perfection every time. We do recommend hand fluffing your pillows often to ensure they stay as fluffy and plush as the first day. Washing the pillows is not recommended. You may however remove the stuffing and wash the covers. For easy care pillow cases are highly recommended as they can easily be washed.

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Good pillow
Written by Logan on Dec 28th 2016

Fluffy & comfortable. have been using a week and they havent gone flat yet! L1ove the all organic fair trade usa company. I replaced my family of 4s toxic pillows with these great alternatives.

if i take some of the fill out it will probably be better. If you like a firmer pillow you will
Written by Tonya D. on Dec 28th 2016

A bit over stuffed making it seem hard, if i take some of the fill out it will probably be better. If you like a firmer pillow you will like this.

Fantastic! Have been using for 2 months and my ...
Written by D&R on Nov 12th 2016

Fantastic! Have been using for 2 months and my neck pain stopped. I took all the cotton filling out and machine washed and dried it and it became beautifully fluffy and then became compact again over time. Keeps mine and my daughters heads cool on hot nights.

Not good nor bad
Written by Customer on Mar 12th 2016

Alot of mixed reviews on here about these and was a little hesitant to purchase because of it but I've learned that reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt per se. Anyways, here are the FACTS about this pillow. I'm use to sleeping on synthetic fiber or memory foam pillows so switching to cotton feels TOTALLY different. Not good nor bad, just different. Cotton seems to be alot more firm than others which, fortunately, I like.

Four Stars
Written by ron on Mar 11th 2016

great chemical free just to darn hard

Incredible pillow
Written by doglar on Mar 5th 2016

I am a big feather pillow fan and never thought I would find such a great pillow to replace it! It retains its original shape very well and I do like the feeling of keeping the head elevated rather than sinking down into the pillow.

Five Stars
Written by John Gooding on Mar 1st 2016

Great pillow, excellent support. I love it!

Best pillow I've purchased
Written by CJ on Jan 4th 2016

Best pillow I've purchased, no allergies, cradles my neck and its moldable without slipping doesn't trap heat like memory foam!

I like the fact that they are all cotton inside and ...
Written by Pam on Oct 6th 2015

I like the fact that they are all cotton inside and outside due to our family suffering with allergies. Therefore we love them.

Excellent pillow!
Written by Ginny F. on Aug 10th 2015

Excellent pillow! I want to buy another!

in good shape, and appear to be as advertised
Written by Daniel Ares on Jul 7th 2015

They arrived on time, in good shape, and appear to be as advertised. After two months they are no more compressed than can be expected of cotton fillings. They are also large enough so as not to escape you during a night's travails, and give good support. I do not like the slippery airiness of synthetic fillings so these fill the bill for me.

Great healthy pillow
Written by Kiwi on Jan 8th 2015

I love the fact that I can obtain an all organic pillow made in the USA. I sleep soundly knowing I am not breathing in any more chemicals than needed. I would recommend it. So far, it has kept it's shape.

The concept is perfect.. however
Written by Brooke on Oct 23rd 2014

The concept is perfect.. however, the pillow needs to be put in the dryer a couple times a week to fluff up.

Five Stars
Written by ching-ping cheung on Oct 22nd 2014

Great product

Four Stars
Written by Kindle Customer on Jul 12th 2014

It is great, my headaches are gone, no sinus irritations any more.