What is your pillow made of?

Truth is you just can’t stop yourselves from looking at such a pillow, I mean it’s a bright PURPLE colored pillow! Although the hype for this pillow is very real, there is a pillow that is eco-friendly, all natural and innovative.

Let’s break it down, below we will go into more detail on what the Natural Latex and the Hyper elastic polymer pillow are made of?

What is Hyper Elastic Polymer?

I know we all love the color purple on this pillow, but do you even know what it’s made of? It’s made of Hyper Elastic Polymer, what is this? Basically this pillow is made of food and food contact grade ingredients. What is that, even? Well, its food or anything that has come into contact with food that can be recycled, such as forks, spoons, bottles, plates, containers etc. The column design of the pillows allows for increased airflow and pressure releasing support and comfort. Covered with a 55% polyester cover.

Don't get discouraged if sleeping on recycled goods isn't your thing. There are many options available on the market, but here are two important questions for you:

Have you tried heard of natural latex pillows?

Have you ever tried a natural latex pillow?

This is the only pillow that naturally defeats most pillows because not only is it made from the healthiest materials on the market, but it’s extremely comfortable.

Introducing you to Natural Latex Pillow? What is Natural Latex?

Natural Latex Pillows are so underrated, we thought it was time you knew all about its natural benefits. Here is why it’s great, the all natural latex pillow is made from 100% natural latex non blend. The latex trees also known as Hevea-Brasiliensis are grown and harvested in Sri Lanka. The sap extracted from these latex trees is poured into a mold, chilled, and finally heated, to set. This process allows for a unique foam consistency, allowing the pillow to have a controlled density and feel. Creating better bounce and response time to your every move. Due to its all natural properties these latex pillows are hypoallergenic, dust, and mold resistant, making them perfect for those who suffer from allergies. It's also a viable option if you are and concerned about the quality and origin of materials in your home. So if you prefer natural and organic products, this is the right pillow for you.

Which pillow do you think is cleaner?

Natural Latex 

✅ Natural

✅ 100% Natural

✅ Optional Firmness (Soft, Medium, Firm)

✅ Made Of 100% Natural Product (Latex)

✅ 100% Organic Cotton Cover

✅ Hypoallergenic

✅ Anti-microbial

✅ Pressure Point Release

✅ Provides Comfort & Support

✅ Increase Airflow ( Pin Core Design)

✅ Optional Height (Loft)

Hyper Elastic Polymer

❌ 100% Natural

❌ Optional Firmness (Soft, Medium, Firm)

❌ Made Of 100% Natural Product

❌ Hypoallergenic

❌ Anti-microbial

✅ Polyester Cover

✅ Synthetic

✅ Pressure Point Release

✅ Provides Comfort & Support

✅ Increase Airflow ( Column Design)

✅ Optional Height (Loft)

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