Gift of Caring

It may seem like it’s not worth mentioning since the act of giving is already an act of caring.

But the gift of caring runs so much deeper.

When we say “Gift of Caring,” we mean gifts that will affect your loved ones lives in a positive way. In the long run we all grow older, but can grow older in different ways. Traditionally, we gravitate towards the convenient gifts, such as gift cards, movie tickets, socks, sweaters, candy.  Although that Santa jars filled with chocolates is a cute idea the though behind always gifting the same old thing is fleeing. We are growing older, even at this very minute. It’s inevitable that we progress to old age, where everything that’s been done in our 20’s and 30’s will catch up to us. As we get even older, we are at an increasing risk for health problems. That’s why the gift of caring is necessary for both the young and old.

The Gift of Organic

When you care about someone, you care about their health, physical wellness and mental wellness—anything to increase their quality of life. What is ingested, what is worn and your environment goes under scrutiny and contributes heavily to health. It’s important to decrease the toxicity exposure from harsh chemicals and pesticides. It’s not just a fad. There are countless studies that have been done. Typically when we hear “organic” we think of dairy and produce; however, textiles is equally important, especially since we spend a chunk of our lives in bed every night. To show we care, giving the gift of a long-term impact is an excellent way of saying “you matter.” - If your loved one is in need of a new pillow, give them organic latex for comfort and better support. - If your loved one has issues with allergy in their old dusty comforters, give them down alternative, which is much more hypoallergenic and microbial resistant. Also the weather is getting colder. - If your loved one has a bed that’s not as comfortable as it can be, throw in latex mattress topper—which is a more natural equivalent alternative to memory foam. - 100% Organic bed sheets are an easier go to if you do not know whether or not they need new blankets or pillows. Here at Well Living shop in Team work with Organic Textiles LLC, we want to stress the holiday season is a perfect time to practice the gift of giving (assuming you’re not the Scrooge before the three ghost visits). Keep a look out for our upcoming holiday sales.