As we all know when it comes down to making a purchase there is one too many factors to count. Since we all have different preferences it all comes down to what best suits you and your lifestyle. Bedding is no joke, since we do spend at least 1/3 of our lifetime cuddled up in a bed. It better be as comfortable as can be. So here comes the million dollar question “What is the best choice?” for you of course. The well living shop offers a variety of choices from wool, cotton, bamboo, to latex. Whether it's a pillow or a comforter, how do you decide what material works best for your likes?


Wool is one of the materials that come from an animal. The layer of wool growing on sheep is sheared to provide such material. The natural wool fiber is great with climate control during the colder seasons as well as warmer climates.

Latex is derived from our earth friendly trees. These latex producing trees such as ficus or hevea, are cut to ooze out the natural latex held just beneath their bark. Our certified organic latex is closely observed throughout the process to ensure its purity is withheld.

Bamboo fibers come from the all natural bamboo plants. It is one of the few fibers, who on its own maintains control of pest and pathogens without the use of any pesticides. The moisture absorbent texture allows for a refreshing and satin like feel.

Real Down is another product that we use deriving from animals. Real goose down is the finer feather found just beneath the tougher goose feathers. These feathers provide warmth and regulate moisture build up.

Cotton forms as a fibrous cylinder like shape around seeds of a plant. The cotton fiber is spun and made into a textile. This material is the most popular and commonly used throughout the world.

Alternative better known or mostly recognized as synthetic material. Although not the “real deal” it’s a great choice for someone looking to save a little cash. Made to be free of toxicity our alternative becomes a great convenient choice.

Knowing a brief background of where our fiber and material come from, will surely make the decision process a lot simpler. Your lifestyle and the way you determine a purchase all factors when determining the best option. Animal based or plant based? Wool or Latex? The choice is yours!