Blend Body Pillow

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  • Made in the USA
  • Filled with Organic cotton and Organic latex
  • Durable pillow
  • Medium firmness support
  • Made without the use of harmful chemicals

Made in the USA with an innovative fusion of both our shredded organic latex and our organic cotton covered in a 100% cotton cover. The organic cotton is grown in Texas while the organic latex is from the rubber trees of Sri Lanka. Handcrafted locally in Southern California. The best of both worlds! Indecisive whether cotton or latex is the best for you? Our Organic Cotton-Latex Blend Pillow is the perfect choice. This durable pillow maintains its shape and provides you with medium-firmness support for years to come. Our Organic Cotton-Latex Blend Pillow is manufactured with no dangerous chemicals or pesticides so toxic off gassing will be of no concern for you and your family.


Standard 19" x 26"          Queen 19" x 31"             King 19" x 36" 

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings)
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Mariam Wilkinson | Verified Buyer
I received these pillows promptly
Dec 8th 2017

I received these pillows promptly, they are sized as described and the cover is high quality organic cotton.

Melany Heath | Verified Buyer
Sleeps well
Nov 14th 2017

sleeps well

Brody Harding | Verified Buyer
Nov 1st 2017

So comfortable. I bought 3!

Dominique Rowland | Verified Buyer
May 21st 2017

I just didn't like how it was packaged. Plastic bag over the pillow & A box within a box. 

Dominique Rowland | Verified Buyer
May 21st 2017

I just didn't like how it was packaged. Plastic bag over the pillow & A box within a box.

Brittany Russell | Verified Buyer
Mar 6th 2017

I bought this pillow to replace an old shredded memory foam pillow I like a softer pillow so I'm glad that I got the plush. It's soft and supportive I'm very happy with it. It's nice that it comes with an organic cotton cover already on it. 

L.S. | Verified Buyer
worth every penny
Feb 6th 2017

I love pillows and am constantly trying and buying new ones . This one takes the cake . I've been a diehard down pillow person forever then added the Tempurpedic to my pile but this one is the best of both . It has a lovely feel that supports your head but not too dense or heavy . It feels light and breathable and cradles your head perfectly at the perfect comfortable height . Love it !

virginia Abinoja | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Feb 5th 2017

Love it!

jette | Verified Buyer
Extremely comfortably. I love talalay latex pillows
Feb 2nd 2017

Extremely comfortably. I love organic pillows. They are worth the expense and are the only kind I will use now. I have another one from a different company that was 10 dollars cheaper but this one is much thicker. If you have never had a latex pillow, you will not be disappointed. I rant and rave about mine!

multigrain | Verified Buyer
Great support for neck
Jan 19th 2017

I was hesitant to try this pillow as I hated memory foam pillows in the past. I'm current in physical therapy for chronic neck and shoulder pain and was desperate for relief. I ordered the queen size. I am a stomach sleeper naturally but am trying to switch to side and back sleeping. This pillow is the perfect thickness for back sleeping. I could use a bit more thickness when on my side but then it wouldn't be useful when sleeping on my back. I found if I move to the side rather than the center of the pillow it helps. It also helps to sleep higher on the pillow with my shoulders on it. It is springy kind of like a playground ball but completely supportive. I had a few rough nights trying to adjust but now I am so happy I stuck it out. My husband's tried it and then ordered one for himself. He got the king and because it is so long it tends to squish more in the middle than my queen size so I am happy I picked the size I did.

JFC | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Jan 16th 2017

Exactly what I was looking for and excellent Service.

Helen Schroeer | Verified Buyer
Sleep like a baby on this pillow
Jan 14th 2017

This pillow is so springy & supportive, I'd say it's buoyant. It has a knit pillow protector that adds to it''s ability to give and bounce back. I look forward to resting my head on it every night and waking up without the bags and neck pain my down pillow gave me.

Matthew | Verified Buyer
A perfect night's rest
Jan 12th 2017

This is a perfect pillow!! I've been using it for about a month and a half and it gives me all the support I need. I used to have two regular pillows that were flat as pancakes and bothered me every night. This pillow is everything i could have imagined! My head sinks down into it and it still provides fantastic support for my neck. It's worth every penny. Some other reviews have mentioned a strong chemical scent, but this was very faint and dissipated completely after a couple nights.

Becky Thomas | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Jan 6th 2017

It was a gift that was specifically requested.

Customer | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Dec 11th 2016

I like my new pillows!

Pam | Verified Buyer
starsJust Right
Feb 3rd 2014

I've owned this pillow for over a month now and it's just as it was when I bought it. Perfect. I'm a side sleeper and I was afraid the pillow would be to high. I have a sm frame and most pillows bend my neck upwards. This pillow is just right. Very soft. Does have a slight odor when you take it out of the plastic. Goes away quickly. It's worth every penny!