Australian Wool Comforter

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  • Easy Care Washable comforter
  • Filled with Australian wool
  • Covered in 100% Organic Cotton
  • Processed without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Temperature control
  • Easy care

Our Organic Australian Wool Comforters are premium in quality. They are filled with 100% ECO wool and covered 100% organic cotton cover making them elegant and luxurious.

Australian wool growers restrict from using harsh chemical such as hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, and they adhere to sustainability and cruelty free standards. The cotton and Eco wool blend allows for temperature control, making it the perfect year long comforter.

Dry cleaning will no longer be a necessity; our comforters were specially designed with the intent of an easier wash. Avoid all the chemicals used in the conventional dry cleaning process. Can be used as is or with a duvet cover (organic duvet covers sold separately).

Free from off gassing and dry cleaning solvent additives used in dry cleaning process. 

Our Wool Comforter is Washable, Smell free, soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and naturally flame retardant.


Twin 68" x 86"     Queen 88" x 88"     King 96" x 104"      King XL 106" x 110"

Product Reviews

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Jamie Dupuis | Verified Buyer
Australian Wool Comforter
Oct 30th 2020

Love this comforter. Regular is warm but not too warm. Getting a better night's sleep. My husband wakes up without having a stuffed up nose. Ordered King size to fit my Queen size bed and it fits like the picture.

Sylvia | Verified Buyer
excellent quality, but too heavy for our climate
Jan 9th 2018

We live in the Denver, CO, area; so we first tried the heavier weight wool comforter in the King XL size. The size was a bit strange; it's longer than it is wide (based on where the tags are at the foot of the comforter and how it attaches to the duvet), so it's barely wide enough for us while being a bit long. That's not a deal-breaker, though. The problem for us was that the heavier weight turned out to be too heavy for us. The quilt was also missing one of the loops (at the corner, to attach to a duvet), but customer service was wonderful in responding. We asked that it be replaced with the lighter weight version, and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival. I hope it will be just the right amount of warmth for us.

Chad Hampton | Verified Buyer
She loves it
Nov 17th 2017

Delivery was quick and she loves it!

Cameron Powers | Verified Buyer
Prompt service
Nov 16th 2017

Prompt service. The comforter arrived on time and was well and thoughtfully packaged.

Leonardo Rich | Verified Buyer
Nov 3rd 2017

Excellent service Fast shipping

Marissa Miller | Verified Buyer
Aug 25th 2017

Item arrived sooner than expected. And they responded promptly to my question about a related product.

Marisa Snow | Verified Buyer
Nice Comforter
Aug 19th 2017

As described, on time. Very nicely packaged. 

Kristopher Liu | Verified Buyer
Great Duvet
Jun 22nd 2017

Seemed thin upon first opening but after use it is actually quite heavy and fluffy feeling. It is a lot bigger than my duvet cover that I ordered from pottery barn which is probably more an issue with pottery barn because I like the dimensions of this insert as it was nice and big. There is no odor, organic cotton is soft. Less dust in my room as this replaced a down duvet insert.

Angel of Music | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Jun 16th 2017

Cozy, light, warm, and also what was very important for me it was Organic, no chemicals, no danger using this product, health is number one thing for me.

Taylor Goins | Verified Buyer
But I am so glad. I love the comforter and couldn't be happier
Jun 7th 2017

Took a risk – especially with the price. But I am so glad. I love the comforter and couldn't be happier.

vicki r smith | Verified Buyer
Best wool duvet
Apr 9th 2017

Very good ,beautiful fabric ,perfect fit for my duvet cover .VERY HAPPY !!! A++++

Nicole Peterson | Verified Buyer
No more overheating!
Apr 6th 2017

Very nice. Keeps me warm without overheating (which has been a problem for me.)Has loops at the corners. I'm assuming this is to keep it from bunching up inside a duvet cover...if the cover has something inside to attach it to...

Mara Vaughn | Verified Buyer
Mar 31st 2017

Fast Delivery, no problems

Joanna Hines | Verified Buyer
Mar 29th 2017

Perfect 100% wool, organic cotton cover is beautiful perfect size for Macy's duvet cover warm nice .I am totally Happy! Would buy again!! A++++++

jk | Verified Buyer
Mar 19th 2017

Decent enough. The ad states that the cover is 100% organic cotton, although the tag that is sewn into the blanket just states cotton, NOT ORGANIC. I called the company to inquire and they still stand behind the fact that this blanket has a 100% organic cotton cover. It also says it must be professionally cleaned, although the ad says it is washable. Arrived next day but had a weird smell that dissipated after 48hrs.

Judy O'Brien Van Put | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Mar 13th 2017

wonderfully soft and warm!

Shaniya Colon | Verified Buyer
Feb 7th 2017

Super comfortable

Ryann Schmitt | Verified Buyer
Feb 2nd 2017

high quality. Would highly recommend it.

Ryann Schmitt | Verified Buyer
Feb 2nd 2017

high quality. Would highly recommend it. 

J. D. B. | Verified Buyer
Perfect fall through spring comforter!
Jan 15th 2017

I bought this comforter late summer and now it's January and we absolutely LOVE THIS THING. Our house stays about 66 to 70 degrees year round and the comforter does a fantastic job keeping sleeping at a comfortable temperature. My husband sleeps hot and I sleep cold and we are both happy with how well it regulates the temperature so both of us sleep comfortably. Another nice selling point is you don't have to have the thing dry cleaned. It can be washed as regular wash.We have looked a long time comforters that were good for year round use accept for summer for years. Down comforters were pretty much for cold weather use and extremely expensive. Down alternatives were always hot. Your plain run of the mill bed spread only worked for summer. This comforter is the answer to our problems and plan on purchase more for out other bedrooms.

Summer | Verified Buyer
Best Comforter I've Ever Owned!
Dec 29th 2016

Absolutely AWESOME! I got the Queen light version and live in Southern California. It has been great in both 90 degree and 50 degree weather. It regulates temperature better then any comforter I've ever had. I purchased this product because I am allergic to down and I wanted to change out all of my bedding to be organic, this comforter has been great in regards to quality and price point as many others on the market are much more expensive. I highly recommend this product! We got the rest of our bedding from Boll & Branch (also all organic) and now feel like we are sleeping in a cloud every night.

Cassy | Verified Buyer
Very pleased!
Dec 25th 2016

Excellent quality. Just the right winter weight.

ron | Verified Buyer
Five stars
Dec 19th 2016

The wife absolutely loves it. Lightweight, warm and an outstanding value.

Customer | Verified Buyer
This is best comforter we have ever had
Dec 10th 2016

This is best comforter we have ever had. Maintains the perfect temperature. Is soft and light. Awesome to sleep under.

Allie | Verified Buyer
This comforter is a very good quality item
Dec 5th 2016

This comforter is a very good quality item. Previously, we had a down comforter, while light and fluffy, it was not warm enough and we started to develop an allergy to down. This one is made of wool, and our allergies are gone. It's also very warm and cozy, perfect for winter months. It's a little heavier than usual, and not as fluffy as down, it felt a bit strange at first, but I got used to it very quickly and now I love the heavier feel. The only bad part is that this comforter makes it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

John R. | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Nov 27th 2016

Very warm and cozy.

Kieft | Verified Buyer
Peace of mind with a soft, light, warm natural comforter
Nov 4th 2016

LOVE THIS COMFORTER! Soft, light,warm.Knowing that you sleep under natural material is resting by itself!

Frankel | Verified Buyer
perfect for summer duvet
Aug 30th 2016

I have a wonderful duvet which works for 8-9 months of the year, but is too heavy for summer. This one is my summer duvet, and it works perfectly for it! I put it in a lightweight 100% cotton cover. Very nice quality: no shifting of the fill. Definitely recommended.

Kyle P. | Verified Buyer
We love it
Aug 30th 2016

Very pleased with this comforter

Brandy | Verified Buyer
Love! Love! Love!
Jun 19th 2016

I have had this comforter for almost a year now and still love it so much. The day I got it I just wanted to wrap it around me and cuddle in it all day. And I still want to do that! It is so cozy. The cover is so soft. It's not too hot or heavy. I have kids and so it's needed washed multiple times but it still seems as good as new. I'm not exaggerating about my love for this comforter. It's one of my favorite things that I own.

Carla | Verified Buyer
Great item!
Feb 6th 2016

Love this! It is a nice weight and very warm. The cover is beautiful as well. It has no odor which seems to be a complaint with some comforters.

Dalton | Verified Buyer
Dec 23rd 2015

Love this! Soft, light, warm, and free of chemicals....... comfort and breathability at it's best!

Mariana Cook | Verified Buyer
The best comforter I ever had
Dec 13th 2015

The best comforter I ever had, have tree of them and use them interchangeably. It is breathable, light, not clingy, comfortable and warm. All around the best.

priscilla borchardt | Verified Buyer
very comfortable in both warm and cool temperatures
Nov 2nd 2015

very comfortable in both warm and cool temperatures. I love that it is organic through and through. And the customer service was excellent

Schmapdi | Verified Buyer
Take the plunge, it's well worth the cost.
Sep 25th 2015

I looked into wool comforters because I had read somewhere that they do an excellent job of regulating your bodies' temperature. Since getting a new bed this year I had spent all summer going to sleep in a freezing cold bed and waking up in a puddle of my own sweat. I had to resort to just using a single, very thin blanket to avoid the latter, which meant I shivered the whole not through (and still, on occasion woke up drenched). Was a little nervous about the wool though, having read it smelled bad, and not quite being able to shake the notions of wool as a very hot, scratchy material.Very pleased to report that everything is working out very well so far. Been sleeping with the comforter for a little over a week now and am MUCH warmer at nights and MUCH cooler in the morning. I haven't woke up drenched yet. The comforter is very cozy and has no smell. It's just as nice as the down comforter I replaced. It has a good weight to it, and looks pretty nice. I wish it had been available in other colors though, as the white doesn't really match my room's décor. (I'm a bit afraid getting a duvet for it might hurt it's ability to wick away moisture).

Bradford | Verified Buyer
Aug 19th 2015

This may be considered heavier weight, but I love it year round. The wool and cotton breathe, so it's perfect whether it's a cold or hot night!

Tim | Verified Buyer
We love the that it is wool
Apr 19th 2015

We love the that it is wool. It is a bit heavy but we so not mind it and I love the fact that It can be washed. We leave in the mountains but I bought one for my mom that lives in FL and she loves it as well.

jett | Verified Buyer
It's GREAT!!
Apr 10th 2015

We love this comforter!!! It is WARM for sure!!

Natalie | Verified Buyer
Love it!
Mar 7th 2015

I wish it was a little longer, otherwise, it's a great product. Washes well and adds warmth or keeps me cooler as needed.

LMK | Verified Buyer
wool comforter
Feb 14th 2015

I love this product for its pure comfort and washable function. It's season-less. The seller's price is reasonable and their delivery service was timely. I look forward to buying more products.

Five Stars | Verified Buyer
Dec 11th 2014

Very warm and good quality, I bought twin size, kids slept very well

lisa | Verified Buyer
And so nice and warm
Nov 16th 2014

It is everything I dreamt it would be! And so nice and warm!

Cookn | Verified Buyer
Lightweight and Comfortable
Sep 28th 2014

So far so good. The comforter arrived quickly and with very minimal smell(and we are very smell sensitive). I draped it outside in the sun for one day and it was perfect to put on the bed that evening. I have used it every night with a cotton duvet and it is fantastic- not too heavy or light and with very comfortable temperature controls. The cotton fabric seems to be of decent quality.

RLH | Verified Buyer
Very soft
Sep 26th 2013

I haven't had a chance to use it yet but the quality and softness are very good and even though it doesn't fit in my duvet cover very well.

Fella | Verified Buyer
May 27th 2013

For a wool comforter, it's not particularly warm or heavy. It's okay though I'm not upset or thrilled about this comforter, just meh, okay

Laura | Verified Buyer
Best wool products!
Feb 8th 2013

Love this comforter! Well priced, well made, very cozy. This is a great alternative to down for those with allergies that contribute to nighttime breathing issues.