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Who We Are and What’s Our Mission

Well Living Shop has been in the market since 2011 after realizing all organic and natural products require months and month of savings—some might even proclaim years. We thought to ourselves, shouldn’t organic and natural products be accessible to the public? Doesn’t everyone deserve a healthy lifestyle without compromising an arm and a leg?

We certainly think so.

It is without a doubt that conservation of the environment is extremely important. To make any impact, it has to be a collective effort. That is why Well Living Shop exists. We want to make it much more accessible and affordable for the public, so together we can make a difference.

Living green is not just a trend. It should be a way of life.  

We searched high and low for a supplier that’ll help our mission, which is how we came across Organic Textiles LLC. Their 100% Organic and Natural products are made through extensive research and expertise while being extremely selective with their manufacturers.

Organic isn’t just beneficial for you, our beloved customers, but for workers around the world!

We are very passionate about our mission but we still need your help and join us in our collective efforts.    


Our Process

We wanted durable and comfortable products but we also knew we didn’t want chemical laden products that are usually used to make those characteristics.

But we wanted you to know that our products are what we say they are.

We follow the Global Organic Textiles Standards certification criteria so you’d know that we are true to our words. From the tiny seedling, to the farming, to the manufacturing, all the way to the finished products, they must be 100% organic and natural before reaching our customers.


Our Products

Cotton has been time tested in reliability and comfort. Our cotton will feel like cotton and we only choose the finest. We make sure all our products will either be covered in 100% cotton or have the option of being covered —again, we focus on affordability and comfort.

Our latex products are certified through the Global Organic Latex Standards.

Our wool and down products will feel exactly as is or we have eco-friendly alternative down for those prone to allergy.

And we have 100% Bamboo and Tencil products for top-notch cool and biodegradable options.

But it won’t stop there. We are still researching more eco-friendly and organic possibilities.


Why Buy From Us

We want the best for our customers. Do not be fooled into thinking our affordable products will reflect our quality. Our products come straight from the warehouse to our customers without the additional marketing or store premiums added to other big brands.

Our customers deserve the best and we are very keen on customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with the first product, we guarantee we will find a better fit for you the next time around.


Product Certification



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