2" Natural Latex Topper

$274.99 - $504.99
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  • 2" Natural Latex topper
  • made without the use of harmful chemicals
  • Pin core design for superior airflow 
  • Pressure point relief system
  • Anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant and anti-fungal 
  • Optional snug fit covers

This 2" natural latex topper is made of liquid latex from rubber trees through the dunlop process. These rubber trees, also known as Para or Hevea brasiliensis, are naturally grown in Sri Lanka. Its high level of natural purity ensures no chemicals are added to the topper, providing you with long term health benefits. The latex conforms just enough to give your body the support it needs through out the night. This helps with relieving back pain and adjusting spine and posture. Its heat sensitivity, static free surface, allows for a splendid nights sleep. It benefits include being pure, anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-fungal and very durable.


Twin 38" x 75"        Twin XL 38" x 80"      Full 53" x 75"    

Queen 60" x 80"       King 76" x 80"             Cal King 72" x 84"

Product Reviews

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Selah Oconnell | Verified Buyer
Jul 2nd 2017

AAA+ Superb service and product!! Am looking forward to ordering again from these people.

Frances Cortez | Verified Buyer
Mar 25th 2017

Excellent buy very pleased. Shipped well and fastĀ 

Keira Blackburn | Verified Buyer
5 stars
Feb 23rd 2017

Covered in a nice non-removable organic cover, this topper has no smell of chemicals. It actually smells rather neutral. Well packaged, we were able to place it on top of our bed mattress. Slept on it 16 hours later. Very pleasant. Not too soft. Not too hard. Just right. Thanks for offering such a nice product.

Smith | Verified Buyer
Nov 7th 2016

Very comfortable and soft. We put it on top of a hard futon and it's like having a brand new bed. had some minor tears upon arrival. Hope it wears well.

christine | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Sep 21st 2016

Perfect firmness

Gail | Verified Buyer
Definitely worth the investment!
Apr 21st 2016

I love the fact this topper is natural latex as I am eliminating any materials that might off-gas chemicals and since we spend a lot of time in bed this is an important component of good health. Organic sheets, pillows and now a natural latex topper...sleeping got so much better!

M. Luber | Verified Buyer
Great topper that doesn't heat up or smell like poison
Nov 15th 2015

This is a great product. Since it's easier to soften a bed than to harden it, when stuck with the options of buying a harder or softer new bed, I went with the harder option. To soften it up a bit, I purchased this all natural latex topper. I've used a memory foam topper in the past, so I can compare the two. Unlike memory foam, this does not heat up and it does not smell like a deadly chemical factory. Even though it's extra firm, it's still soft - it's just a firm-soft. What does that mean? It means you don't sink real deep into it. It's kind of springing back while you're on it so that it supports you...yet does so in a soft, comfortable way. I'd never used a latex topper before...and after this experience, I would never go back to memory foam again.

Judy | Verified Buyer
Five Stars
Jul 31st 2015

very comfortable

Ellie Carrithers | Verified Buyer
Love it! It has no smell
Dec 30th 2014

Love it! It has no smell, is extremely comfortable and my dog couldn't be happier. By using this I don't have to purchase a new mattress.

William R. | Verified Buyer
Many prefer latex to foam for good reasons. So far we have gotten much back ...
Nov 24th 2014

Many prefer latex to foam for good reasons. So far we have gotten much back relief from this product. The reviews regarding smell are correct, but the smell only lasts for a day or two. Once the product is opened to the air, it goes away.

Blue | Verified Buyer
Wonderful Latex topper gave my bed a very comfortable new ...
Jul 25th 2014

Wonderful Latex topper gave my bed a very comfortable new mattress feeling giving good support to my back. I let it air out for 3 days before using it and it has no toxic smell at all. It shipped very quickly and was a very good buy. I am grateful and would recommend it highly.

Dawson | Verified Buyer
works great! Prompt shipping
Jul 11th 2014

works great! Prompt shipping. A+

Diane | Verified Buyer
Latex Extra Firm Mattress King Topper
Mar 6th 2014

My chiropractor had recommended a latex mattress, but having just spent ~$2000 on a pillow-top king bed about 2 years ago, we were not ready to shell out another ~$3000+ for a new bed.The topper is an affordable compromise and I definitely recommend it.

Desert | Verified Buyer
Purchased for a person with chronic back pain...
Feb 3rd 2014

The person I bought this mattress for has reported that the chronic back pain she has been experiencing for a few years is much better after sleeping on this mattress for the past month.

J. COPPA | Verified Buyer
Fixed too soft Tempurpedic Cloud mattress
Dec 1st 2013

I bought a Tempurpedic Cloud mattress that after breaking in is way to soft. I was beyond the exchange period when this happened so I was stuck. This solved my problem for <$500. Not cheap but cheaper than any other alternative. It fits well. It is noticeable under the fitted sheet but not bad and of course not seen when a comforter is on the bed. Mainly because it has a square edge and corners. My wife never complained. It has not moved at all once on the bed so it stays in place great. The packaging was fine maybe even over packaged. It took some care to cut the plastic off. Definitely do this with it on the bed as its awkward to handle.

cj stoller | Verified Buyer
good topper
Aug 9th 2013

It has helped with my back because it is firm. If you're too warm, just sleep with a sheet or stick your feet out. There is a slight smell that does not bother me and I rarely notice it - just like a new car smell or something like that. I love the firmness.

Person | Verified Buyer
Solved my problem!
Apr 30th 2013

The latex topper arrived before the scheduled arrival date and had no smell. I'm happy with this product and the service from this company. I will likely buy another one for the spare bed.

Chris | Verified Buyer
Excellent product
Feb 14th 2013

Very happy with this natural latex mattress topper. I looked at a number of options locally, but this product was the best for the price. I recommend at least 2 inch thickness and the medium firm.

Russell Collins | Verified Buyer
What's a good night's sleep worth?
Jul 27th 2012

We have a very expensive mattress (won't name) that has been causing me back pain and leg aches over the past six months. It was too soft for me and sucked me in. I could only sleep four hours on it before having to get up and take more Advil. This topper solved the problem, laid right on top of the mattress. Now the only problem is getting out of bed in the morning after a good night's sleep, as I want to stay there.

Lonnie | Verified Buyer
Happy With Product!
Jul 9th 2012

I researched this thoroughly and decided on a dunlop rubber mattress topper. However, I came across the reviews of this one on amazon and they read so positively, I decided to take a chance. I have to say that I am very glad I ordered this. I have had it for several months now and it is holding up very well. I have never tried rubber mattress toppers before and it seems to be an incredible material - both soft and firm at the same time.